An Introduction To Suicide Bunny’s E-liquids

Suicide Bunny is one of the most up and coming products for those who want to quit smoking. The brand not only attracts attention through the name but also through the top products sold. Pip, the creator of Suicide Bunny, started this company not for herself but for her husband. Pip with this product, was finding a new and enjoyable way for her husband to stop smoking without having to quit the practice all together. Once this product took off, Pip, using her creativity has been trying to find new and innovative and flavorful ways for her fans to use her product without smoking the expensive and harmful cigarettes.

Suicide Bunny offers all kinds of products that help smokers enjoy and delicious, cheap, and safer method of smoking. Among some of the popular E-liquids are Derailed, Mothers Milk, Sucker Punch, The O.B., and Madrina. These flavorful bottles are what makes smoking the vapors so enticing.


Derailed is, among the E-liquid family one of the most popular and raved about E-liquids of the company. This popular flavor attracts so much attention from the flavors of fresh baked cookies as well as cinnamon banana. As a personal user of this product, I can attest to the the high praise that it gets from users around the world. This E-liquid was actually the product that helped me stop smoking after 10 years of constant cigarette cravings.

Out of all the flavors, I would choose the Derailed E-liquid. I realize that there are plenty of other options on the site, however I am particularly biased towards this flavor because the fresh baked cookie smell is my favorite smell and flavor to inhale. I have tried other vapors in the past with flavors like apple or cherry, however this by far is my favorite.

Among my favorite flavors are the Mothers Milk, Sucker Punch, The O.B., and the Madrina. Each offer a specific flavor that i love. Although I am partial to the Derailed, I often enjoy other flavors to add some diversity. The O.B. as well as the Madrina are delicious E-liquids that sometimes tastes like I am drinking a latte. This E-liquids have a rich and creamy flavor that brings some clarity to my morning when I have that morning fog. What I like most about these two flavors is that as I use my vaper while eating a scone, I feel as though I am in a cafe, sipping on a nice cup of my favorite rich latte while taking small bites from my mouth watering chocolate chip scone.


Mother’s Milk, just by the name has to be good. This flavor has been one of my all time favorite flavors that pair with a nice night time snack. Mother’s Milk provides the user with a rich and creamy dessert taste with a hint of strawberry when exhaling. As you can tell I am a food enthusiast which is exactly why you should try these E-liquids. They will give you the cravings for the delicious food that you haven’t even been craving yet.

For when I ever take that wanted trip to the Bahamas, I have to bring the Sucker Punch E-Liquid. This delight brings a fruity mix flavor to my mouth that even now makes my mouth water excessively. I mean who comes up with dragon fruit as a flavor for a vapor? This just shows the creativity that goes behind the products that are put of by Suicide Bunny. While inhaling the Sucker Punch, you will be craving a smoothie, I promise you that. With the variety sold by Sucker Punch, I would review this brand as being my favorite brand to use when looking for flavors. eJuice Farm is an on like vape land where you can buy all of your suicide bunny e juice flavors for great prices.